Early Action: The State of Play 2023

By Risk-informed Early Action Partnership (REAP), March 2024

Now in their third year, the State of Play reports provide snapshots of international, regional and national investments, commitments and activities linked to early warning and early action. This year’s report focuses on the work of REAP Partners following the recommendations of the 2022 report; identifies both upcoming (for 2024) and longer-term issues, and opportunities for addressing them; and provides an overview of commitments and activities that contribute towards REAP’s 4 Targets.

An ever-greater number of actors are engaged in the early warning early action agenda, including on policy development, investment, planning, and implementation. Thanks in large part to the greater diversity of actors contributing to improved awareness, understanding and collaborative action across the full value chain, approaches to the agenda are also becoming more sophisticated and nuanced. Most actors agree with and support calls for humanitarian, development and climate actors to work in closer harmony, across sectors and levels, as recommended by the 2022 State of Play. This year’s research and analysis highlighted three important ways to make that move:

  • Integrate anticipatory action into broader disaster risk management action.
  • Ground global policy debates in the realities of implementation.
  • Make sense of the initiatives, partnerships and networks working on early warning and early action

Access the report for more insights on how to take these and other priorities forward in 2024 and beyond.

DARAJA mentions on pages: 7, 19, 42, 46

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