Nature-based Solutions

Protecting nature, protecting lives: working with nature to reduce disaster risk

What are Nature-based Solutions (NbS)?

Nature-based solutions (NbS) are actions to protect, sustainably manage or restore an ecosystem that address societal challenges, such as disaster risk, climate change, food security, water security or human health. They might include protecting and restoring forests, the protection of mangroves and coral reefs, the conservation and restoration of wetlands, or the creation of urban greenspaces. NbS can address all three components of the risk equation - preventing or mitigating hazards themselves, limiting people’s exposure to hazards and limiting people’s vulnerability.

Nature-based Solutions (NbS) are a new priority area for IFRC, with a target for 100 National Societies to harness the power of nature through NbS by 2025.

NbS are relevant for building community resilience to climate change and to disasters. NbS can be climate change adaptation, climate mitigation, and disaster risk reduction solutions.

IFRC and National Societies have experience in implementing NbS such as mangrove restoration, landscape restoration and permaculture including in the Caribbean, Kenya and Viet Nam

NbS can also be relevant in disaster response and recovery, including for food security and nutrition, and for water, sanitation and health – this is a new area of work that IFRC is exploring.

IFRC is working in partnership with a range of organisations to increase understanding on NbS along the climate change, humanitarian and development nexus.

For more information on IFRC work on climate-smart disaster risk reduction.


IFRC has several partnerships with major environmental organisations and networks to enhance its work on NbS, including through joint initiatives, learning, and advocacy.

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