Reactivation of Municipal Nursery Garden, Nacaome City, Valle. Honduras

The climate change coalition of Nacaome City, Valle, in collaboration with the Municipal Government and the Honduran Red Cross, is implementing climate change adaptation actions through social micro-projects to reactivate the municipal nursery for action against extreme heat, with the goal of ensuring the propagation and growth of various species of timber, fruit, and ornamental trees adapted to local climatic conditions.

Beginning with the cleaning and modification of the premises where the plants will be located, the soil will be prepared for filling bags in which the plants will germinate and grow until they are transferred to their permanent soil.The goal is to maintain plants in order to restore green areas at the municipal level, as well as to keep educational centres, churches, and places near water sources reforested, so mitigating the effects of high heat.

To ensure the project’s long-term viability, partnerships have been formed with critical allies. Similarly, community engagement will be encouraged in order to establish local collaborations and address the region’s climate change implications proactively.

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